About Us


Giovelab is a small and sparkling pottery studio in the woods of Valsugana, Trentino, northern Italy. We produce a bespoke collection of poetic and joyful things for your everyday table.

It's a four-handed project, Giorgia's and Paolo's hands, wife, husband and artisans. A love and creative story since 1997.

It's a love story rooted in the idea of imperfection, the Japanese concept for "Wabisabi", the gentle irregularity of shape. All our objects are crafted from the heart.

It's the endless search for beauty and functionality.

It's love for sustainability: all our objects are designed to last for years, they are often multi-purpose, zero-waste and help reduce the use of plastic. More clay less plastic!

It's about being in love with nature, with the woods surrounding us, with the slow turnover of seasons: that's where our inspiration comes from.

Giovelab is our dream and our life project, in a small house with view on Caldonazzo lake, two children, a cat, a dog, a garden where butterflies and nasturtiums abound in summer.