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Mini Tarte bowls

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Let's start our battle against the use of silicone, plastic and disposable wrappings ( like those used for baking muffins) in the kitchen! With this new collection designed for baking lovers, we would like to introduce a brand new line of super cute oven accessories, all handmade in the finest stoneware clay and dish-washer safe. No need to put them in the cupboard after use! They are so cute and beautifully decorated, that you can leave them stacked on your kitchen shelves :). Are you ready to start your own little kitchen revolution?

What about starting with this super cute SET OF 5 MINI MOULDS for mini tarts and pies? Just remember to oil them inside (easier and quicker than butter!), before pouring your dough. Remove from the mold after cooling or serve them straight on the table in their cute mini bowls. Enjoy!

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